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Pre-register before October 18, to save $5 on the regular $25 entry fee for the 2023 Championships to be held at the Richardson YMCA on October 21. Click for an information flyer. Click here to pre-register—be sure to tell us what divisions you wish to enter.

BLACK BELT EXAMS—Nine candidates will be testing for various degrees of black belt on November 4, 2023, at the Richardson Y.


Alpha Self-Defense McKinney: Jeremiah Cuzon and Timothy Cuzon, Alpha Self-Defense Richardson: Conor Cheatham, Cooper Renbudo: Charles Wheeler, Denison Family Karate: Sh’Nilah Biggers, Disciples Making Disciples: Jaelle Range, Hands On Karate: Maria C. Velez, Hidden Sword: Jenny Nava, Marudo Karate: Ava Gonzalez, North Texas Karate: Katelyn Starnes, Plano YMCA: Bhuvanesh Kolla, Richardson YMCA: Galilea Baca and Maxine Desmarais, Richardson Little Dragons: Monica Trimmell, Strom’s Black Belt Academy: David O’Brien, Healing Arts: Masya Grotefend, Alster American Karate: Geoffrey Small, Bonstaff Wolfpack Karate: Ryan Deis and Alexis Watson, Broadway Karate: Sarah McConnell, Joong Do Kwan: Joshua Lay, COURTESY: Nathaniel Nip, HUMILITY: Geoffrey Small, INTEGRITY: Teressa Trimmell, PERSEVERANCE: Gavin Fleming, SELF CONTROL: Michael Mendoza, INDOMITABLE SPIRIT: Jeffrey Chou, SEABACK KOBUDO AWARD: Aaron Barnett, ERICKSON WOMEN IN MARTIAL ARTS AWARD: Vivica LaMarche, INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR: Mark Lynn

April 29th saw Teressa Trimmel, Elizabeth Shumake, and Kim Shumake earn their first degree black belts. Drake Pledger and Don Mullins were promoted to 4th degree and Julie Gargiulo and Alan Hamil earned their 5th degree "master" ranking. Also promoted were Ethan Pledger and Jeffrey Chou to first gup brown stripe.

In the summer of 2022, AKATO president Keith D. Yates was inducted into the "Official Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame" in New York City. This honor is reserved for a select few individuals who have impacted the art worldwide. Past inductees include Chuck Norris, Jhoon Rhee, and Allen Steen. See photo on the Gallery page.

Mr. Yates' just released book, "Out of the Dojo: A Black Belt Legacy," is now available on Amazon. Historical photos, articles from Mr. Yates, and profiles of over 150 black belts he has trained over the last 5 plus decades. Click HERE.

Check out Keith Yates' YouTube page for the patterns for American Tae Kwon Do. You'll also find several other videos on Kobudo patterns, history, philosophy and training. For example, here's James Trimmel doing the form for yellow belt.

MORE BOOKS—Don't forget Mr. Yates's other books, Christianity and the Martial Arts, Martial Arts ABCs, and Sensei Sayings are also available exclusively on Amazon.

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